I like Aliens

Hi! I'm Akuma Spiders! And this is where I'll share my art and other things I like or believe in! I also have my own studio and created both Galaxy and Horrendous Hospice! She/They, Ace Lesbian, Autistic. Awful Hospital is my comfort series babey!! (I accept art trades and requests) (Oh also I might draw gore, body horror, or [and this is a big maybe] artistic nudity, so feel free to block me or blacklist those tags if you aren't comfy with that!)

A farewell to Steven Universe

As I am typing this out I am still processing the final episodes, but I really just want to say thank you to the show. I am so grateful to have a show that I can relate to that people 20 years ago simply would not have had. It's really crazy to think about how much I've developed personally through this show as well. I remember being in a shelter 4 years ago and waiting for each episode to air as it was the only thing that kept me going for a long while. The fact that there are other people like me who have probably relied on the show for similar reasons is so important. And I hope that the finale really helped others going through similar things as Steven, as I know it has helped me. What will come from Steven Universe in the future is uncertain, but I cannot wait to find out what it will inspire!

When you're tired from your all-night shift and it makes you have small feelings, but that's okay because your boyfriend's feelings are big enough for the both of you.

the #StartToFinish challenge from twitter!

Zangoose day

It's also Zangoose day!

Human? Perry

An idea for how Perry looked before being turned into a magic parasol?? He was described as a young boy, so I imagined a child.

tiddywife -

not to be a lesbian but


Rivendell (Ray Gilronan)

Slightly unnerving Minecraft castle

Pour one out for phones deceased

I wonder if Mephone ever feels guilty about that

art trade with a twitter mutual! ♥


City of Dreams

Drew this during a school assembly I didn't want to pay attention to

pink campanula, 07.03.20

Hey, I'm Sanasean / The Atowl, a French 3D animation student and illustrator ! I draw sci fi and fantasy, and I love clothes and armor design, and dramatic lighting.

I am working on a sci fi story, that I hope to finish in 2020, featuring space pirates, cool spaceship, lots of aliens and found family tropes.

You can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. My commissions are open, don't hesitate to ask for more info ! Here's my price sheet. If you like what I do and want to support me, here's my KoFi

kanyny -

Top drawing is from last year and the bottom one is from 2017. Maybe I'll do another redraw in 2021? xD

(I'm posting old art, because don't have anything new atm. orz)