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Hi! I'm Akuma Spiders! And this is where I'll share my art and other things I like or believe in! I also have my own studio and created both Galaxy and Horrendous Hospice! She/They, Ace Lesbian, Autistic. Awful Hospital is my comfort series babey!! (I accept art trades and requests) (Oh also I might draw gore, body horror, or [and this is a big maybe] artistic nudity, so feel free to block me or blacklist those tags if you aren't comfy with that!)

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Slightly unnerving Minecraft castle

log cabin!!!!

i haven't played minecraft in a while so i made a new world to play in today!! after many days of work, many nights of hiding from phantoms and monsters, a few creeper incidents, lots of growing and cutting of giant spruce trees, snacks breaks (both in game and real life), lots of experimenting to see what i liked better, and parties with several wandering traders, i finally have a nice log cabin (or cottage?) to call home!!!

more description and rambling under the cut:

it has a main floor, a basement, and an attic! so far there isn't much in there, but i plan on making the basement into a cellar!

i've never made a log cabin in minecraft before, i usually use planks for walls. but when i was about to start building i thought, hm, i've never really seen anyone build minecraft log cabins like they are in real life. so i decided to try! it's not exactly the same as a real life log cabin, but i still love it

i made this world, called "wandering lesbian," with plans to only make small huts to live in here and there and keep traveling every day, but once i found a nice place to build and started building i got a little carried away 😅 it's fine tho! i can still travel again once i finish this house, i might even come back to it from time to time

Filana Skin

Minecraft skin of a character I made for my brother's series