I like Aliens

Hi! I'm Akuma Spiders! And this is where I'll share my art and other things I like or believe in! I also have my own studio and created both Galaxy and Horrendous Hospice! She/They, Ace Lesbian, Autistic. Awful Hospital is my comfort series babey!! (I accept art trades and requests) (Oh also I might draw gore, body horror, or [and this is a big maybe] artistic nudity, so feel free to block me or blacklist those tags if you aren't comfy with that!)

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Pour one out for phones deceased

I wonder if Mephone ever feels guilty about that


Call me prideful but I think this looks so cool



I've finally gotten a patreon set up so if any of you guys want to see some exclusive content as well as get some monthly art please check it out! Any money I get is mainly gonna be saved for college/used to support my comic but I would like it if I could eventually get enough supporters to make this my job.

Oh boy...

Sunday stream request for a friend!

Doodle Page Commission for Freezie on Object Oc amino

Drawing cups should just become my career cause there's a certain cup in the object show I work on too

Blipbug Sketch

Have you ever seen a Pokemon so beautiful you started crying?

Random Pose Redraws

Did a little challenge and flipped to random pages of Awful Hospital and tried drawing some character poses in my style

Emoji Redraws

Redraw of an emotions poster in my Spanish class. Emojis always come off as soulless to me so I tried to fix them up a bit

Doodle Page Commission for Hoop! On Object Oc amino

It me

I love Awful Hospital cause I can just be as chaotic as I naturally am. No conquences of death? Hell yeah *jumps in a meat grinder*


Did him dirty last time I drew him so I tried again

Ring Ring!

My part of an art trade I did on furaffinity! Just two girls chattin it up!

Demon Byte

Here's one of my own Object Ocs as a Demon! Byte isn't based of anything specific other than a supercomputer cause she's basically "the mother of all objects" so her being corrupted would... not be good.

Fursona Design for an art contest on furaffinity

Demon Ping Pong

Ok so I work on C.O.B. and there was a cut character from the show called Ping Pong Ball so I decided to apply my object demons idea to him because I miss him.

Icon Gift

For no particular reason Bing bang icon gift for a friend


Last request from my Sunday stream, if you wanna tune in next Sunday feel free to here: https://youtube.com/channel/UCE6PVK3TioMkGrUBrvbgKog

I'm also considering doing a suprise stream tomarrow

Human Olaf

Olaf humanization as requested by Tonya Pye on my Sunday art request stream. If you want something like this please tune into my channel on Sundays from 12 to 3: https://youtube.com/channel/UCE6PVK3TioMkGrUBrvbgKog