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Hi! I'm Akuma Spiders! And this is where I'll share my art and other things I like or believe in! I also have my own studio and created Galaxy! She/They, Ace Lesbian, Autistic. Awful Hospital is my comfort series babey!! Commissions, trades, and requests are open!

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rosa -

dungeons and dragons ! sorcerer ! love her

you know whom i miss dearly?? my dnd warlock boi Ashh. I think i'm gonna revive him in a new campaign or something of that line- who knows, i might change his class

Just when i was getting use playing as him on a prev campaign, he died hehffhhjf

My sona, Spilt Milk, with the pleminsexual/pleminromantic flag I made :3c

I’m just very excited to not be confused about what to call myself anymore

(Spilt Milk use any pronouns they’re allowed to use, except for “it”)

Amethyst?? Flirty??? It's midnight i don't know anymore. What are eyes

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I think I'll cause problems on purpose


Okay, so listen, I haven't seen the Steven Universe movie yet but... Fucking superb you funky little toon


Got a new tablet! Here's my OC Oscar, he's a necromancer

commissions open also!!! hmu!!!

Luigi's Mansion 3

I just finished it,,,thank u @ the people who made it its such a nice charming game

sunpop -

oh no shes hot

fusion between orph and one of my friends ocs!

im too lazy to go and check what attack number this is lol but here's a rad character belonging to stagsprite on artfight!

Alastor The Radio Demon

silva-wing-prime -

i love hazbin hotel so here you go, a drawing of my favorite character, also this took forever!

hazbin hotel and Alastor © vivziepop

Trans rights! Featuring my OCs Sasha, Hayden and Clarke

Doodle of the week!

Nearly a whole week late lol oops

so in the top image the darkened drawing was the "weird creature in the front of my sketchbook" you all voted top for this week. The sketches around it are me going "wtf is anatomy"

The second image is when I started to get a handle on what I wanted.

I hope these post in the correct orientation (edit: they didn't I'm trying to fix it)

I'll post voting for a new doodle eventually but I gotta see how this week goes first.

hope you're all doing well!

Maceta (remake)

somehow I always forget that I hate with BURNING PASSION pixel art, and go "Well, I can make something to practice. It sure will be fun!" and I suffer.

Please take this from my hands, with extra cheap glowing effect done with airbrush cuz f*ck it, I'm not gonna research how to do it with pixels.

Been digging in my old art to find one drawing ref for a friend but anyway, sometimes, what is old isn't bad (you go 16 years old me!)

Old OCs, some abandoned, some... not really..?

...do you ever think about how much past-you would freak out seeing current-you art? I think I'd fangirl like hell on some stuff. Also I'd be real jealous of my ability to draw accurate anatomy, and, therefore, horny stuff. Despite current-me not super into said horny stuff.

if these characters just look like furry oliver twist thats bc it accidentally kinda is

what started as a costume concept for the ren faire turned into a whole oc. oops

anyways here’s fionn, a melancholy faun of frost