I like Aliens

Hi! I'm Akuma Spiders! And this is where I'll share my art and other things I like or believe in! I also have my own studio and created both Galaxy and Horrendous Hospice! She/They, Ace Lesbian, Autistic. Awful Hospital is my comfort series babey!! (I accept art trades and requests) (Oh also I might draw gore, body horror, or [and this is a big maybe] artistic nudity, so feel free to block me or blacklist those tags if you aren't comfy with that!)

Posts tagged inanimate insanity:

Pour one out for phones deceased

I wonder if Mephone ever feels guilty about that

Inktober Day 24: Dizzy

Lemme get a gang bang crash bang crisp bang bing bong bing bong bambadombadom

Inktober Day 10: Pattern

I just did a pattern for the background and a character I like, I couldn't really think of anything else to do